Saturday, March 24, 2018

Authors Interviewing Authors with Jim Christina, Christie Stratos, and Richard Paolinelli

Going behind the scenes with with Jim Christina, Christie Stratos, and Richard Paolinelli, to learn why some authors have chosen to add podcast and radio shows as part of their platform.

Guests this week are host of the following shows.
The Writers Block
The Writer’s Edge

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The Creative Link Between Publishing and Public Speaking

Jim Jackson and Axel Howerton are two authors who aren't afraid to get up in front of the mic and share their dark and twisted tales. Join us this week as they dish about Coffin Hop Press and the 2nd annual Bloody Offensive soirée at Owl's nest books.

Jim Jackson

Coffin Hop Press

Axel Howerton

Spilling Ink LIVE with Daniel Arthur Smith and S. Elliot Brandis

Join Jason and Katie for a lively talk with author, publisher, and horror aficionado Daniel Arthur Smith, and novelist S. Elliot Brandis.

P.K. Tyler and Jessica West Discuss Writing, Editing, and Anthologies

Go behind the scenes to see how much goes into the making of an anthology with our guests this week.

Find out about PK Tyler and Jessica West via these links

Writing Empowered Fiction with Miranda Oh and A.G. Kirkham

Chin up, Tits out, authors! Miranda and A.G. are here to motivate your muse with some feel good fiction that proves you, and your characters, can overcome the odds.

Miranda Oh

A.G. Kirkham

Marketing Basics with Rick Gualtieri and Rachel Mclellan

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So you've written the next best seller! Now what?
Rick Gualtieri and Rachel Mclellan walk us through the do's and dont's of book marketing, offering tips and tricks for both new and seasoned indie authors.

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Rick Gualtieri

Rachel Mclellan
Tips and Training for Marketing Ads