About The Show

Spilling Ink was created by authors as a guide–and informational resource–for all authors; aspiring and published (Traditional or Indie).

We have three primary hosts, each bringing to the table a unique perspective from their publishing journeys: Katie Salidas, David Jones, & Jason LaVelle. The three of us all started as indies and are now actively working our way into the hybrid/traditional publishing model. On our show, we talk about the ins and outs of the publishing world in a round-table format, inviting everyone (guest and host alike) to share their input. Each show generally has two guests and two hosts to create a nice balance of opinions. We liken it to the View, on a smaller scale, for authors.

We bring our guest on and record shows through Google hangouts/Youtube. We offer the option of doing either a live or a pre-recorded session. Though I have to say, the live ones get far more viewers than the pre-recorded shows. Because it's a webshow rather than a podcast participants will need to have a mic and webcam to participate.

Our aim is to have fun and give our viewers a little behind the book peek on all aspects of the publishing world. Rather than have a standard interview format, we have general topics to discuss that get a real conversation going. We have found that the more natural the interaction and discussion is, the more entertaining it is for both guest and viewers. And, of course, we always leave time for our guests to promote their latest or upcoming titles.

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  1. Hi Jason, Katie, and David. My friend Natasha Wing suggested I watch her interview on your podcast and get in touch. I have self-published seven books based on true stories from World War II, including my middle-grade Home-Front Heroes series, with a new book just out. I'm also a nationwide speaker and writing consultant, and I love doing podcasts. You can also check out my YouTube channel, Teresa Funke, which has writing and inspirational videos and my products on Writing Blueprints.com. I'd love to learn more about how you choose your guests! My website is www.teresafunke.com. You can also find me on FB at Teresa Funke & Company, and on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I like the format of your show and your questions seem high level and fun. Thank you!